Privacy Policy



KIKA gallery (hereafter this shop) observes general laws and guidelines in regards to the handling and storing of personal information as outlined in the policies below.

 This privacy policy only applies to this shop.

 1. The definition of personal information

Personal information is defined as information relating an existing person including their name, date of birth and other information that would identify that person, or information that could easily be traced to identify that person.

 2. The collection of personal information

This shop collects personal information of customers when a purchase or enquiry is made. At time of collection it is stated for what reason the information is being collected and collection is carried out in a lawful and impartial way.

 This shop collects the following personal information:

A) Full name
B) Address
C) Telephone number
D) Email address
E) Password
F) Delivery address
G) Customers shopping history on this site and information related to those purchases
H) Information that when paired with any of the above can be used to identify a person


3. Use of personal information

This shop uses personal information collected from customers as follows:

I) Confirmation of orders and enquiries
J) Confirmation of shipments & related enquiries
K) When replying to enquiries 


4. Secure management of personal information

In regards to the secure management for customers’ personal information, in addition to the rational, systematic, physical, human and technical measures taken by the  service provider, this site handles personal information in accordance with all relevant laws in order to guard against dangers including unauthorized access to, and loss, falsification, leakage of personal information. 

 5. Correction or deletion of personal information

Please contact us via the contact information provided below for correction or deletion of personal information. Account holders can amend personal information by logging in to this site and from the menu access the my account’ page.

6. About use of cookies

In order to provide better services to our customers we may use cookies. These do not collect any information that would personally identify the customer and do not pose a threat to customer privacy.

If you do not wish for cookies to be collected, you can change the cookie settings in your browser.

Cookies are information sent from the sever computer to the customers browser and are collected on the hard disk of the users computer.


7. About use of SSL

When customers enter information on this site, in order to guarantee customer security and to prevent that information from being monitored, interfered with or falsified we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.

SSL is the function of sending information in code guarding it from theft or falsification. Use of SSL makes it possible to transfer information securely.


8. Contact us :

 9. Changes to our privacy policy

If this shop makes any changes to the kind of personal information collected, the purpose of collection or changes to other parts of the privacy policy those changes will be published on this page.


[ Returns Policy ]

About cancellations, returns and exchanges

Returns and exchanges are possible if you contact us within one week of your order arriving. However please be aware that the following goods cannot be returned or exchanged:

L) Goods that arrived at their destination more than 21 days ago
M) Goods that have been damaged or soiled by the customer
N) Goods that are without the box they arrived in
O) Goods that state no returns’ or something to that effect on the product page

We will cover all costs associated with returns.

Refunds will be paid within five days of when we receive and confirm the state of the goods.